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Filtered Water Versus Bottled Water

Many people have become concerned with the quality of drinking water and for good reason. Even with city water filtration centers, the trace contaminants contained in tap water can be significant. For those who get their home water supply from a well, they need to be concerned with the contaminants that make their way into … Read more

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How A Water Recycling System Works

When people think about the water recycling system and how it goes about removing waste and pollutants from the water to redistribute it into the ecosystem, many are left wondering exactly how it all works. Some have their doubts about how safe the water from a water recycling system is and what kind of damage … Read more

Water Recycling In India

Water Recycling In India

In many countries, water recycling is an environmental issue, performed to help improve the state of the planet for all its inhabitants. Sewage and sludge water recycling in India, however, is done for a completely different purpose. Currently, there is a serious water crisis in this country and the water shortage has reached a point … Read more

Gray Water Recycling

Benefits of Gray Water Recycling

Gray water recycling is certainly not a new concept, but many people who have begun to take their own homes environmental status seriously are carry outing gray water recycling techniques into their own lives. Gray water is the water that is left behind after most household tasks are completed. Water from the washing machine, after … Read more

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Importance of Recycling of Potable Water

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of clean, potable water that you waste down the drains of your home in a day? Every time you turn on the faucet or tap, the water that runs down the drain before you put the water to use is completely wasted. As many areas are … Read more

Recycling Water

5 Easy Ways of Recycling Water

As creating and maintaining a healthy environment has become a high priority for many people, finding ways of recycling water and other important resources is very important. Along with this environmental concern, however, the US is also facing serious financial issues. Most people just do not have the funds available to install expensive ways of … Read more

Recycling Water Bottles

The Benefits Of Recycling Water Bottles

Recycling water bottles only goes so far in terms of saving the planet. In the United States, each of the 300 million citizens uses an average of 166 plastic water bottles each year. As landfill space is at a minimum and it takes years to break down the materials in a plastic bottle, recycling water … Read more

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Understanding Grey Water Recycling

Grey water recycling is a growing trend that has caught on in the wake of the current surge in environmental awareness. Grey water is simply the waste water leftover after performing daily household activities. The water that is drained from the sink, shower and washing machine are all considered to be grey water. The only … Read more

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Drain Water Recycling Saves Money and the Planet

Drain water recycling is an environmentally friendly recycling practice that is extremely popular in other countries, but is just beginning to take root in the United States. Drain water, or grey water, is the water that goes to waste after showers, dishwashing and other daily tasks. While this water is not clean enough for consumption, … Read more

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Water Recycling: Making Use Of Rainwater

Rainwater is a natural commodity that many people take for granted and rain water recycling has become a hot topic in the past years as environmental awareness has begun to grow. As we have become accustomed to getting our water from the tap or from bottles, many have forgotten that this more precious of commodities … Read more