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The Greatness of Waste Management Inc

Everyday, Americans produce a vast quantity of trash, around 700 million pounds, in fact. That’s a lot of waste, and it’s all has to go somewhere. Having to handle the waste our nation puts out regularly is a big job that needs to be taken care of, and surprisingly a large number of good men and women are willing to do it. Collectively, they represent Waste Management Inc, a company that provides comprehensive waste and environmental services for North America.

Waste Management IncFounded originally in 1968 by Wayne Huizenga and Dean Buntrock, it has grown to include over 413 collection operations and provides their services to nearly 21 million customers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada combined. The company also possesses over 22,000 collection and transfer vehicles, which gives it the honor of having the largest trucking fleet in the entire industry of waste management.

Although this well established company is more often recognized as the dump trucks we see carrying off the junk that we have discarded on a weekly basis, the company specializes in numerous pursuits that give back to the environment and humanity. Waste Management Inc has special interest in providing environmental and groundwater protection, and their efforts include environmental engineering and the management of air and gas. As a company, WM has helped to create innovative landfill designs called bio-reactor landfills that better the environment. These landfills accelerate and enhance the decomposition of organic waste through the use of advanced technology and moisture control.

One of the other aspects of WM which shows their commitment to the environment is that the company is one of the largest holders of greenhouse gas reduction credits in the country. This is a result of the company’s continual efforts to reduce pollution. In 2005 alone, WM managed to reduce the output of greenhouse gas by almost four million tons. Furthermore, they have also replaced almost half a thousand trucks that run on diesel with those that operate on 100% clean and natural gas. These vehicles comprise one of the largest fleets of natural-gas powered trucks in America.

Even though people associate negative things with waste, it doesn’t mean that the companies that handle the waste are the same. Indeed, these businesses strive to improve the quality of our lives by making it easier for us to live comfortably in clean environments and with quality water. Waste Management Inc is one such company, and being the largest waste management service in the country, they’re committed to seeing that not only does our waste get removed, it gets taken care of in a safe and responsible manner for all us.

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