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Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Facts

A tropical rainforest ecosystem is becoming the most endangered type of ecosystem in the world. It can be found in places close to the equator in the countries of Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America and on many of the Pacific Islands. The ecosystem is also called a tropical wet forest or a tropical moist broadleaf forest. They have also been classified as lowland equatorial evergreen rain forests.

A Beautiful Tropical Rainforest EcosystemOne of the characteristics of this particular environment is the high level of rain that falls there. The minimum average of rainfall per year is between 70 to 80 inches. The ecosystem climate is also consistently warm throughout the year with an average temperature of over 64 degrees. The warm and wet tropical rainforest is home to a wide variety of species. They are also the home to a large number of valuable plants that are used to make medicines to treatment many illnesses.

The tropical rainforest ecosystem has an upper canopy of leafs that restricts the amount of sunshine that penetrates through to the floor of the forest making it easier for animals and people to walk through it. The ecosystem is so fertile that if the overhead leaf covering was destroyed, a new growth of dense vines would grow up quickly preventing passage through the forest.

Many insects are an important part of the rainforest ecosystem. Some of the insects that inhabit this unique habitat include tarantulas with poisonous fangs, army ants that march through the rainforest and beautiful butterflies that float through the jungle on light feathery wings.

Green Longwing Butterfly
The Green Longwing Butterfly

The birds in a tropical ecosystem are fascinating as well. Birds with bright and bold colors such as the parrot, scarlet macaw and toucan can be observed high in the treetops. The tropical rainforest environment is home to over 33 species of toucans. There are also flying mammals in the ecosystem, such as the fruit bat and flying squirrel. Other bats that live in the forest include the Indian flying fox and vampire bats. All of these creatures are vital to the survival of the tropical rainforest ecosystem and play a significant role in its health and maintenance.

Reptiles are common to the tropical rainforest, and there are many snakes such as Anacondas in the tropical rainforest. Other reptiles that live in the tropical rainforest include chameleons and geckos.

Black Spider Monkey
The Black Spider Monkey

One of the most well-known animals that inhabit the tropical rainforest are primates such as spider monkeys, chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas.

All of the animals that live within the tropical rainforest ecosystem are essential to the environment and help to maintain stability and make sure that the rainforest stays healthy and balanced.

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