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Office Recycling Scheme Top Tips

Setting up an office recycling scheme is something that all businesses can do to help the environment, and in many cases save money. Regardless of how many people work in your office, there are always steps that can be taken to recycle some of your waste. This article provides five useful tips to follow when … Read more

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Why Everyone Should Recycle

Recycling is sort of like exercising: we all know we should do it, but not all us do it as often as we should—and some of us don’t do it at all. However, there are lots of reasons why you should make an effort to recycle as much as possible. If you haven’t been diligent … Read more

Rail Ties

Recycling Railway Rails And Rail Ties

Recycling used rail ties and railroad rails began as a salvaging and recycling “given” long before going “green” with recycling revived in popularity in the most recent decades. One currently functional railroad rail recycling company started operations in 1959 when its 19-year-old founder, Kern Schumacher, heard about thousands of railroad ties about to be removed … Read more

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Are You Recycling? Your Business Benefits Too!

Recycling is currently a very hot topic, and in the UK many companies are using their “Green Credentials” for marketing gain. The words green and blue – simple colours right? Well, wrong. Leading firms such as Volkswagen have adopted Blue Motion (Blue being the new green) and many others have Green products that boast about … Read more

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Paper Recycling in Schools

Recycling has over recent years become more and more popular in communities. Curbside recycling programs are available in many areas, and many businesses also recycle. When thinking in terms of vast amount of paper goods though, it seems that schools would be ideal targets for paper recycling programs. The amount of paper used in each … Read more

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Outdoor Play Time & Recycling

Without a doubt the best play time is spent outside in the fresh air and in an effort to remain responsible to the environment there are a few things to keep in mind when out and about. The best place to play is somewhere that you don’t need to fly to, take a train to, … Read more

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Safe Environment From Harmful Chemicals

Think about recycling and maybe the first thing to pop into your head isn’t damage that’s done to the earth when we use products with harmful chemicals, but that’s part of the cycle, too. As well as reducing waste, recycling products and reusing what can be reused, protecting the earth from harm is all a … Read more

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The Computer Recycling Bin

Although most people do not think of computers having been around readily until the 1980s and 1990s, for those in the correct fields computers were being used much earlier. Those using these computer had a need to be very careful about how they used their files however, because once a file was deleted, it was … Read more

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History of the Recycling Center

Since the dawn of civilization there has always been the question of what to do with trash. Who knows when the first official trash dump site was established, but it was probably along the same time that the first civilization came about. While at that point in history there were not nearly as many plastic … Read more

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Ideas For Family Travel

Traveling with the family can be a joyous experience and there is no reason to leave your recycling attitudes at home, you can do your part even when you’re far from the comforts of home. When you’re staying in a hotel or B&B, let the management of the hotel know that you will be reusing … Read more