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Starting a Recycling Electronics for Metal Business

Americans are well aware of the economic issues facing our country today and many are looking for ways to make money with their own commercial enterprise, one such increasingly popular enterprise is recycling electronics for metal business.

Consumers realize there is a need to recycle electronics equipment rather than allowing them to languish in a landfill and taint the soil and groundwater. What many of them don’t realize is the huge potential for making a profit while doing it. While concern for the environment is a great characteristic, why not combine that interest with a self-sustaining business? And in this day and age, who couldnt use the money?

According to recent statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, there are an estimated 180 million electronics tucked away in homes and office storage spaces collecting dust. Over 40 million computers were expected to become obsolete last year alone. As well, the price being paid for precious metals such as gold and platinum (found in many electronics equipment) is at an all-time high. What better conditions could there be for starting your own recycling electronics for metal business?

Useful Information About a Recycling Electronics For Metal Business

The first thing you should check into are the rules and regulations governing e-waste collection and transport in your state. Most states need that you be registered as a qualified entity and keep meticulous records regarding your activities that must be periodically submitted to the appropriate agency. Start by browsing through your states official website and search for online documents and manuals regarding e-waste and electronics transport and disposal.

Secondly, decide how and where you will collect the electronics equipment. Will you offer pickup service at a fee or simply have a container where local residents can drop off their items? Check out your competition, if there is any, and determine what they are doing. Find a way to stand out from their operation. Often, there is a need for businesses to be able to easily dispose of their electronics equipment and they usually replace their devices more often than households. This could be the perfect niche for your recycling electronics for metal business.

Next, investigate potential buyers for the equipment you collect. Think of this in terms of the supply chain. While you are collecting and transporting, someone else actually does the disassembly work. Because electronics equipment contains a variety of hazardous substances, disassembly is carefully monitored and regulated. You may need to find a go-between to sell your collected electronics to, who will, in turn, make sure it reaches the end recycling facility.

Don’t delay in starting your recycling electronics for metal business. This is a rapidly growing industry but if you begin now you can be well established and turning a profit in no time.

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