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Are You Recycling? Your Business Benefits Too!

Recycling is currently a very hot topic, and in the UK many companies are using their “Green Credentials” for marketing gain. The words green and blue – simple colours right? Well, wrong. Leading firms such as Volkswagen have adopted Blue Motion (Blue being the new green) and many others have Green products that boast about their environmental credentials.

We know the Government want to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites, and this has meant one thing – advertising. The Government has spend millions making recycling cool – from TV to slapping stickers on your bins – it’s everywhere and being part of the recycling revolution means you benefit too.

Many consumers are now seeking to use products that are less harmful to the environment, these consumers are typically more wealthy and educated. They are following the current fashionable trend towards eco conscious thinking – and you can benefit too.

Being careful with money is very trendy at the moment. Many people have changed their way of thinking about money and waste is uncool. So, this new breed is looking out for ways to save money on products and services they buy – many know that waste costs, so you can provide them with less packaging for example which they know costs them less – passing them the savings.

So, how can you use recycling to benefit your marketing effort?

  • Try hard to show your customers that you are recycling, and actively asking them to be part of that. There are many footers you can use on email communications, and others for letters.
  • Eco and Green in your product names. If your product has good environmental credentials why not tell them so. Use the words: green, eco etc in your product names and communicate them in a positive way.
  • The recycle logo is a great method of quickly communicating the greeness of your product – many people now look out for the recycle logo when purchasing.

How can you use recycling to reduce your costs?

  • Recycling is actually cheaper than general waste. According to a Waste Management company, 707 Ltd, recycling waste generally leads to cost savings. They report that because of increasing Landfill tax increases, that per tonne recycling cardboard is cheaper than general waste. Plus, you have the mentality of recycling which leads to thrift savings.
  • If you ask you sometimes get! Why not link up with your suppliers and convince then to reduce the amount of packaging they send to you. This means you get less waste, and they save money!
  • Move instruction booklets into digital formats. There is not much need to include multi-language instructions with products any more
  • Work with your suppliers and ask them to send you less packaging where possible. This could potentially mean that a mini-audit flashes up glaring over packaging, transport and other costs that you could cut out – then use this figure in your marketing “We use 10% less packaging this year

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