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Why Recycle Old Computers?

Recycling out of date computers is one way to make sure your beloved Home PC goes to good use. Residents can properly recycle old computers, cell phones, personal documents that need to be shredded and other items.

Outdated PC's for ReUseWe all have plenty of gadgets inside our home, and many of us have two to three computers or if we now have a big family probably four or more. We usually buy new ones every three to five years.

There’s undoubtedly an upshot to all this. Newer, faster, more powerful devices keep popping up, and in turn the technology we were previously perfectly happy with gets cheaper and cheaper. But there’s a darker side, too. Discarded, outdated, or broken electronics pose a serious environmental problem.

So , just how do we go green and recycle our old computers? Do we just throw them in the junk and expect the sanitation department to recycle them?

Well, I couldn’t depend upon the waste companies to recycle all our electronic waste. The initial place to get started is as simple as making a phone call to your city in which you reside. I understand that at my residence of Roswell, Ga. all we need to do is visit the recycling center and discover the suitable location to get rid of the old computer to be recycled. I’m sure in Atlanta you are able to drop them off for recycling at Grady High School every 3rd Saturday. In either cases you need a legitimate Identification for those places perhaps a driver license.

I also went along to the Environmental protection agency administration website and found that one place on cyberspace you can actually visit is www.earth911.com. You simply put in the term computer as well as your zipcode and up pop a listing of recycling centers in your area. I found that Staples is within the mall nearby compared to the city recycling center being across town but will for $10 take my base towers, monitors and printers.

So why do we send our old computers for recycling. Well many have materials which might be deemed as harmful waste, if we simply chuck these in the dumps they have a possibility to harm the planet by which we are living. Furthermore by reclaiming materials within the computers they can have other important purposes, which could aid to decrease the strain on resources.

Once when I was a child I saw a stream full of old cars and thought just how ugly how come people do this? The pure beauty of mother nature is improved if we recycle. So go green, recycle old computers and continue to keep America beautiful.

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