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Where to Find Plastic Recycling in Connecticut Information

There are certain advantages to living in certain areas over others. This is simply a matter of fact. When it comes to the opportunities for recycling, some areas and regions of the U.S. are better than others. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for plastic recycling in Connecticut or paper recycling in Alaska, there … Read more

Plastic Recycling Bundles

Studying the Plastic Recycling Facts

Many people unfortunately feel that one person and their recycling habits simply can’t make a difference in the overall health of the environment. This couldn’t be less true. Obviously, the more people who get into recycling, the better, but every effort, no matter how small, has a positive impact on the world around us. All … Read more

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Recycling Plastics for Beginners

Its funny how the idea of recycling is thought to be so new. Its comes as a surprise to many people who reusing things and making them into new and useful goods has been around for longer than the last 40 years or so. In generations past, it was common practice to use chalkboards to … Read more

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Methods for Plastic Bag Recycling

When it comes to recycling plastic bags the conflicting information you might find is enough to have you preferring the bags just end up in a landfill. Before you give up hope, with the right steps and by asking the right people the right questions, you can end up taking part in plastic bag recycling … Read more

Recycling Plastic Process

The Process of Recycling Plastic

Plastics are a great convenient commodity in today’s society, however the process of recycling items is somehow less than convenient, especially when compared against the process of recycling other items, such as paper and glass. While some products are around because they’re created from recycling plastic that has already had a use, most plastic is made … Read more