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High Density Polyethylene Recycling

Recycling Industrial Plastic of High Density Polyethylene

Most people understand the basic importance of recycling plastics. Its pretty clear the stuff isn’t going to break down in nature on its own. All you have to do is look at your Barbie doll or Stretch Armstrong figure from back in the day to see that. For many people, just knowing that you put … Read more

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How Recycling Bags Helps The Environment

You may not be aware, but in the United States, we are using bags all the time! There are the bags we get at the grocery store, the ones we pack lunches in, the ones other retail items come in and everything that is packaged by the manufacturer. Inevitably we could all end up, literally, … Read more

Creating Bracelets From Recycled Bottles

Environmental Impact of Plastic Recycling

You can bet if there is a way to debate a subject, someone will find a way to do it. Lets take the recycling movement for example. It depends on who you listen to and which studies you read on the lean of the environmental impact of plastic recycling. Some groups make sure that their … Read more

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Getting Involved with Plastic Bottle Recycling

Most people think of an activist as a sign wielding fanatic that ends up on the evening news to the embarrassment of family and friends. It doesn’t always have to be that way though. You can make an impression in important ways if you like. Lets take the environmental and recycling causes for example. Of … Read more

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Explaining a Different Process of Plastic Recycling

If you have done any studying about recycling plastic at all aside from just learning to put in a recycling bin, you have doubtless come across the growing debate and work on the different processes of plastic recycling. With plastics, all things are not created equal. Plastics with different uses often have wildly different chemical … Read more

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The Types of Plastic Recycling Machinery

Its not uncommon for people to simply put their plastic recycling in the correct bin, set it out for the collection company and forget all about it. After all, the whole recycling process is handled out of the public eye and no one really questions how a firefighter does his or her job either do … Read more

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A Recycling Plastic Bags Starter Kit

Most people are familiar with the idea of recycling plastic bottles. After all, they are the most common type of plastic product most people deal with on a regular basis. You can find recycling bins for them just about everywhere. Schools, malls, and places of employment often have access to recycling receptacles in easy to … Read more

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Items for Plastic Recycling

When recycling first made its public appearance in the 1960s, the product for recycling everyone was talking about was paper. Paper is relatively easy to recycle and recycling plants for it were already in the works. Hot on papers heels, the rising concern about plastics lead to plastic recycling processes and lots of consumer information … Read more

Plastic Recycling Numbers

The Meaning of the Plastic Recycling Numbers

Not all types of plastic can be recycled but with the help of plastic recycling numbers which are sealed on the plastic, you can find out whether it can be recycled or not. In recent history, there has been a lot of attention paid the numbers found on items of all kinds. Those numbers are … Read more

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Why Choose a Plastic Recycling Machine Lease

It seems like you can choose to lease just about anything you might find a use for. The option of leasing homes, cars, and business locations has been in practice for quite some time. On a more specific front, business machinery also has been leased for the right price. Even in the recycling industry, business … Read more