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Helpful and Important Paper Recycling Facts

Sometimes it can seem like no matter how hard you try its impossible to make a dent in helping preserve the earth’s natural resources and to make a difference in the recycling movement. The truth is every bit helps a great deal.

Reuse Information for PaperWith some of the paper recycling facts right in front of you, its easy to think that your hard work and dedication with carefully separating your items and paying to have them picked up or dropping them off yourself is very important. Of course, it also doesn’t help when there are still those people who feel like recycling is a waste of time and are sure to share their views with you. If you are involved or planning to become involved with paper recycling, take a look at a few of the facts to reaffirm your decision is helpful and important.

Especially for those consumers who live in the U.S. There is one very important fact that really makes any decision to recycle and protect the trees crucial. Most Americans use about 700 pounds of paper per capita. And that figure was compiled back in 2001. Imagine what the latest facts would say now. For every other developed country, that number was only about 110 pounds per capita. In other words, people in the United States tend to use a whole lot more paper than other places. For that reason alone, paper recycling really should be an important endeavour.

Most people think about reading, books and magazines, when it comes to paper use. Of course, the publishing industry is a huge consumer when it comes to paper. Many of the publishing houses, especially those that produce magazines are moving to use as much recycled paper as possible. Even with large amounts of paper being used in publishing, business information is still the leading purpose for commercially made paper. Hows that for one of the less known paper recycling facts? You can help out with the business end of things by insisting that bills and statements be sent out online. Most consumer businesses have this option, but if one of your account company’s doesn’t, take the matter where it needs to go and make sure they know you want paperless options.

Businesses aren’t the only ones who use a lot of paper. Believe it or not, all those pieces of copy paper you use from your home printer really add up. Its estimated that 115 billion pieces of copy paper are used each year. That comes up to about 28 pages per day per web user. If you want to be a part of the solution at home, consider book marking important pages on your computer instead of printing. You could also use both sides of the copy paper for your casual print needs. It doesn’t take that much time to flip a piece of paper over.

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