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Investigating Your Local Waste Oil Recycling Program

Are you are among the millions of do-it-yourself types that would rather change their own motor oil rather than pay someone to do it at a higher cost? It may be because you enjoy the idea of doing any upkeep on your vehicle or you may just want to save a few extra bucks. In … Read more

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Waste Oil Recycling Containers

Since it became clear that more people were chancing their own motor oil, the question of adequate containment for the thousands of gallons of used oil became more relevant. In many ways, the infrastructure for oil recycling is still in the process of emerging. There are new businesses cropping up all the time that have … Read more

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Fueling Your Car On Used Cooking Oil

The more the issue of developing renewable fuel sources takes hold in the popular media and in the political arenas, the more examples of alternative fuels gain broader recognition, particularly on the internet. Electric, wind, solar, natural gas, you name it, there is a website or an article detailing emergent technologies that could provide solid … Read more

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Finding A Quality Used Oil Recycling Machine

If you’re in the market for a used oil recycling machine, you should already have some idea about what they do and the situations they can be used in. You want to find the best deal you can on a quality piece of equipment that does the job right and provides the amount of output … Read more

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Getting Involved With Used Motor Oil Recycling

Despite that there are numerous quick lube business offering fast oil change services around the country, it may be surprising to some that these businesses like Jiffy Lube only account for a little less than half of the total oil changes each year. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), the figures have more than … Read more

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The Benefits Of Recycling Used Oil In New Zealand

The latest trends in conservation and concerns over the fragile state of the environment have led to a transformation in many countries regarding the use and reuse of oil. Among the those nations that started recognizing the benefits of recycling used oil, New Zealand is one that may have stronger reasons to make use of … Read more

Recycling Fast Food Oil For Fuel

Cashing In On Recycling Fast Food Oil For Fuel

You’ve probably been hearing more about it lately. Fast food giants like McDonald’s are continually being cited in media outlets around the world for their exploration of biodiesel as a means to fuel their own food distribution vehicles. There is more. Other smaller and independent companions are catching on to a new trend. The popularity … Read more

Recycling Cooking Oil

Recycling Cooking Oil May Hold The Key

It may surprise you that there is a massive, but largely untapped fuel energy resource that holds the potential to reduce the nation’s oil dependence dramatically, available at every fast food restaurant. What is it? A genuine energy alternative can be made by recycling cooking oil. Not only is it a clean burning fuel, but … Read more

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Creating Effective Oil Recycling Slogans

Most of you know what a slogan is, right? We’re daily surrounded by every sort of slogan imaginable. Good slogans, bad slogan, witty slogan, dull slogans, important slogans and silly slogans, there is a slogan for imaginable activity, business, product, cause, and service. These brief statements can influence decisions, persuade, and even increase the credibility … Read more

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The Lowdown On Oil Recycling In Riverside County California

According to the mission statement of the Riverside County, California’s Waste Management Department (WMD), the reason they exist is to “To provide for the protection of the general public health and welfare by efficient management of Riverside County’s solid waste system” The statement goes on to say how the organization accomplishes this goal by offering … Read more