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Marathon Recycling Equipment

Marathon Recycling Equipment is one of the leaders in the field of recycling equipment. no matter what is needed to recycle materials for a project, it is likely that Marathon Recycling Equipment will be able to meet the project’s needs. Balers, hydraulic pumps, power units, keys, motors, and parts for pumps and compactors, if Marathon can think of a way to improve on the service or technology, they will do so.

Marathon Recycling Equipment even has a special line of products called GreenBuiltTM, which are made with sustainability in mind. They run on either submerged power units or solar-powered units, and use biodegradable oil. Their goal in these products is to make measurable progress in reducing fuel and energy consumption needed to run these compactors, as well as providing superior performance.

Marathon Recycling Equipment
Marathon Recycling Equipment

Marathon Recycling Equipment has been a proponent, and manufacturer, of on-site recycling and waste compaction systems since its beginning in 1967. It came out of discussions between Lawson Acton and Jack Wright over the inability of small businesses, shopping malls, etc., to be able to afford the battleship-like stationary compactors then available. Pooling their various expertises, they started manufacturing the Ramjet compactor, which was as powerful as a larger unit and about half the size of that larger unit, in 1967 out of a small abandoned service station in Birmingham, Alabama.

Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dover Corporation, Marathon Recycling Equipment has especially progressed in product development. In addition to their staple line of Ramjet compactors and container products, they now produce a full line of balers (vertical, horizontal, and two ram) called NEXGEN, and the parts for them, as well as the above-mentioned GreenBuiltTM line. They have created a gear-driven tieing system, called TIEger, for their various balers, and a conveyor line called EZ-TraxTM for their compacting plants.

Marathon Recycling Equipment has consistently developed innovative technologies and machinery to deliver superior performance while adding to sustainability efforts. In addition to winning numerous environmental and industrial awards, their President, Gordon Shaw (who took the helm of Marathon in January 2003), has been inducted into the Environmental Association’s Hall Fame because of his ongoing commitment and contributions to the waste industry for over 25 years.

Marathon Recycling Equipment has made it possible, and economically feasible, for small businesses, shopping malls, apartment buildings, and construction companies to save thousands of dollars on waste compaction each year, rather than having to contract out for these services.

With a motto of Listening Today, Implementing Tomorrow as their standard, Marathon Recycling Equipment is dedicated to creating innovative technology and carry outing it quickly and efficiently into all their products.

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