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Going Green By Recycling

Today, many people are concerned about our environment and going green. There is something easy that everyone can do to get involved and help. This is recycling. Recycling helps in so many different ways. Recycling reduces the amount entering our landfills, saves money on energy producing new products, provides material for new products, and keeps toxic materials out of our environment. Below you will find some tips on what waste to recycle each day.

A Full Landfill SiteGlass is a recyclable product. Many products in glass containers offer a deposit, so they can be washed and refilled. This saves in the energy needed to make a new glass bottle. All other glass is recyclable as well. This glass is crushed and the material is used in making new glass. This saves on energy because new materials do not have to be mined and transported to the glass manufacturer.

Plastic is also recyclable. Making new plastic is an energy consuming process. When the material is already available and does not have to be produced again, this saves energy. Plastic takes many years to break down in our landfills and needs to be recycled. If it is not recycled, estimates have shown that it takes up to 100 years to break down, and when it does break down, it releases chemicals into our natural environment.

Metal is a great recyclable material. Many times you can get cold hard cash for the metal you recycle. Aluminum cans are your best bet for this recyclable, but other types of cans can be recycled as well. Any metal waste in your home needs to be recycled. It takes a lot of energy to mine and produce metal products. If metal does not have to be mined, it saves natural areas from damage done with mining and energy used in mining.

A product that you should always recycle is batteries. Batteries contain harmful and toxic materials that have to be disposed of properly. Never throw batteries in the trashcan. When they break down in the landfill, they will leech toxins into the ground and pollute our water.

Any toxic or potentially toxic products should be recycled and disposed of properly. Paint, household chemicals, motor oil, and any other toxic products should always be recycled. When these products go into the landfill, eventually they will release their toxins into the environment.

The biggest and most popular recyclable is paper. Paper is mainly made from wood pulp. When we recycle paper, we are saving trees. It is just that simple. Trees are a renewable and green resource, but they do take time to grow. The energy involved in making paper from trees is huge. Trees have to be cut, transported, broken down into pulp, and then manufactured into paper products. If the paper manufacturer gets recycled paper, they cut the energy in half of producing their product.

If we all pitch in and recycle the products in this article, there will be less impact on our environment. Everyone should recycle. With a small commitment and a bit of time, anyone can be green.

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