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What Would We Do without Recycling Glass

Have you ever thought about what our world would look like with recycling? Imagine the litter on the roads, in your yard, and on the countryside. What would we do without recycling glass? Imagine glass bottles broken in the road? Imagine driving down the road and the person in the car ahead of you throws … Read more

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Finding a Specialty Glass Recycling Business

Apart from recycling centers that process glass bottles and jars, you can find a glass recycling business that specializes in automotive and plate glass used for windows, as well as container and specialty glass. A glass recycling business that specializes in automotive glass is different from the regular recycling centers. Your local recycling center would … Read more

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Bottle Bills Help Recycling Rate for Glass in Australia

The recycling rate for glass in Australia is gaining ground and their efforts are rivaling those of the United Kingdom. The recycling industry in Australia is growing. There is a recycling plant in Victoria that doesn’t demand that the glass bottles and jars be separated by color, because the plant is fully automated to do … Read more

Recycling Process for Glass Factory Map

The Recycling Process for Glass

The recycling process for glass starts with us. It is up to us to collect the glass to be picked up at your curbside. Most cities do have a recycling center that are contracted to pick up your household glass bottles and jars. It is up to us to know what kinds of glass that … Read more

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Caring for Your New Glass Recycling Equipment

Did you know you could buy glass recycling equipment to start your own business? Whether you want to produce cullet for your own uses or to sell, you can buy glass recycling equipment in whatever size you want for your needs. A glass aggregating system turns your bottles and jars into fine gravel like pieces … Read more

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Good Information about Recycling of Glass

Information about recycling of glass can be found easily on the Internet. Almost everything you could possibly want to know can be found there. Besides finding information about recycling of glass you can do a search and find out what industries use recycled glass. We can learn so much about recycling from the Internet. There … Read more

Glass Recycling Company

Start Your Own Glass Recycling Company

Are you interested in forming your own glass recycling company? If you are interested in protecting the environment, you might want to consider starting your own company. Not only will you be helping to preserve the environment, but if your company grows into a big one you will be creating jobs for people in the … Read more

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Suggestions for Reusing and Recycling of Glass

If you are concerned about the planet’s condition and if you are concerned about her natural resources you will be concerned enough consider the option of reusing and recycling of glass. Concerned citizens and business owners are all on board with recycling of glass bottles and jars to save the landfills from being filled up … Read more

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Glass Recycling Before and After the Green Movement

Glass recycling before and after the green movement has an interesting history. Way back in history we were not the wasteful people we became in later years. Glass recycling isn’t new. From the time of our hunting and gathering ancestors we have made good use of what we had. At one time glass was a … Read more

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The Interesting Process of Producing and Recycling Glass Bottles

The process of producing and recycling glass bottles starts with the consumer who buys beverage bottles, or medicine in glass bottles. We have to rinse them out after use and sort them by color. Clear bottles are separated from colored ones, and each color is separated from each other. Once the glass bottles go out … Read more