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The Bottle Bill and Glass Recycling in West Virginia

Millions of dollars are spent each year for cleaning up litter, because as of now there is no bottle bill in West Virginia. Glass recycling in West Virginia would be a very profitable endeavor, and at the same time it would clean up the environment. Glass recycling in West Virginia is far behind other states … Read more

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The Positive Impact of Recycling Glass Bottles

Many consumers that want to live green have realized that glass containers are more conducive to good health than any other kind of packaging. Many states also see the benefits of recycling glass bottles, so laws were passed to make the consumer pay a deposit on beverage bottles. The deposit will be refunded when the … Read more

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Commerciality of the Recycling Glass Industry

Recycling glass is going commercial, it isn’t just the individuals who are recycling. Many bars, night clubs and restaurants are recycling now. Some states make it mandatory for bars and restaurants to recycle because reuse makes for a huge reduction in the trash that goes to the landfill. In Colorado Springs the Dahl Recycling Company … Read more

Recycling Plastic and Glass Bottles

Interesting Facts about Recycling Plastic and Glass Bottles

Over the last few decades we have become a society that throws everything away. If we didn’t learn to change the way we think about our environment, we would one day use up the natural resources and our grandchildren’s children would live in a far different world than we do now. Recycling plastic and glass … Read more

Recycling Glass Cullet

The Advantages of Recycling Glass

What are the advantages of recycling glass? Why glass instead of plastic? Glass is a sustainable material that is an excellent packaging material. Foods and beverages that are packaged in glass have a longer shelf life than those packaged in plastic. Glass prevents contaminants from entering food and beverage products, because it is an excellent … Read more

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The Glass Recycling Fort Worth Recycling Team

Fort Worth is serious about recycling, and they are serious that people understand what they can and cannot recycle and how they should go about the task. Often people are very careless and don’t wash out their jars and bottles. Residents often toss glass in the bins that is not recyclable. Glass recycling in Fort … Read more

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Whole Glass Bottle Recycling

Whole glass bottle recycling isn’t a new idea, if you remember back in the 1950s and 60s we could take our used Coke bottles back to the store and the Coca Cola Company would collect the used bottles to wash sterilize and reuse at their bottling plant. The same idea was true with the milk … Read more

Glass Recycling Process

The Glass Recycling Process

From start to finish the glass recycling process is an interesting one. It all starts with you. Yes, you are the first part of the process, for without you the glass would not be collected in the first place. The first order of the process is the separation of the different types. Most of your … Read more

Glass Bottle Recycling

Glass Bottle Recycling and Uses for Cullet

Glass bottle recycling is a big business. Recycling helps the environment, because if we did not recycle millions of tons of glass would be dumped in the landfills, and since glass is not biodegradable, it will never decompose into the raw materials it was made of. Glass bottle recycling has a part to play in … Read more

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The Process of Glass Bottle Recycling in Europe

Glass bottle recycling in Europe is made easy for the residents of the UK and other parts of Europe. In the UK alone there are over 7,000 banks for people to deposit their recycled bottles. Glass bottle recycling in Europe is so simple, just pick up your bottles and drop them off at the bank … Read more