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Filtered Water Versus Bottled Water

Many people have become concerned with the quality of drinking water and for good reason. Even with city water filtration centers, the trace contaminants contained in tap water can be significant. For those who get their home water supply from a well, they need to be concerned with the contaminants that make their way into the ground water system as well as into the well itself.

Water is the essence of life but contaminated water can result in any number of health issues and complications. The quality of the water that you consume, cook with, use to wash clothing, and bathe in is important to your overall well-being. Directly consuming contaminated water is, of course, the strongest concern. Bathing with and washing clothing in contaminated water can also have consequences for your health.

While bottled water can allow you to have clean drinking water that is free from most of the contaminants and chemicals that are found in tap water, it doesn’t allow you to have the same quality of clean water available for other essential tasks like cleaning your home, washing your clothes and dishes, cooking, and bathing. Filtering your home water does make it possible to accomplish all these things without concern for the quality of the water you use.

Many of those who have concerns about the quality of their drinking water are also concerned with the environment in general. For these individuals, bottled water is a poor choice. Bottled water certainly has its place. It makes it possible for you to have a healthy alternative to buy from machines while out and about. It also makes it easy to carry water with you but there are other ways to have fresh water available when not at home. You can carry your own water bottle with you and fill that bottle with filtered water from your own home.

For those who are truly concerned with the environment, bottled water is actually among the common contributors to the problems we all face. Many of the companies that produce bottled water actually use chemically-treated water from city water plants as their source water. This process does not remove the potential that you are consuming the same chemicals that are contained in your own home tap water.

Additionally, you have to think of the environmental impact of the bottling process. Bottled water companies have large plants that use extensive energy. They are a drain on the world’s natural resources. Not only do these plants use a lot of electricity, natural gas and other resources but it also takes almost three times as much source water to produce a single bottle of water. Using a home filtration system is a more efficient process. It allows you to have clean water with the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

You should also keep in mind that bottled water needs the use of plastic in the bottling process. Millions of bottles are produced for bottled water every day in the United States. Some of these bottles are recycled. Still more are among the contents of landfills across the country. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, leaving landfills full of materials that will contaminate the Earth for generations.

The negative impact of bottled water doesn’t end in the production process or in the discarding of empty bottles. The transportation needed in the bottled water industry also contributes to the negatives associated with bottled water. Water is transported in vehicles that use fuel and produce harmful effects for the environment.

There’s no doubt that filtering your own home water is a more environmentally sound option than purchasing bottled water. Clean drinking water is better obtained through the use of a home filtration system. Not only do the producers of bottled water use chemically treated water to create bottled water but you should also realize that pure drinking water can’t be obtained from a bottle. The bottle itself leaves trace chemicals in the water, especially when you consider that the bottles are often stored for months at a time. The bottles go through various temperatures before the water is sold and consumed which only increases the process of chemical contamination.

Bottled water can also be expensive. Purchasing enough water for drinking alone can be a financial drain for a family. Having clean, pure water for all your other needs is financially infeasible through the buy of bottled water. The use of in-home water filtration makes it possible to have clean water for all your needs for a reasonable amount of money.

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