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About Recycling Electronics in Denver, Colorado

Modern society has never before been so concerned with efforts to protect the environment and the time has never been better to start your own business electronics recycling in Denver, Colorado. This is a rapidly growing industry which was developed to handle the mass amounts of electronics equipment which businesses and households accumulate on a … Read more

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About Electronics Recycling in Chicago, Illinois

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This is the mantra of modern day advocates for saving our fragile and rapidly deteriorating environment. One of the biggest contributors to landfill expansion and hazardous chemicals leaking into the soil and water supplies is used or obsolete electronics equipment. Many states have proposed or initiated legislation which addresses these concerns. Currently … Read more

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The Why and How of Electronics Recycling

You may have asked yourself, is electronics recycling really that important and what happens to that old, outdated equipment anyway? Lets take a look at some recent statistics as reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Start with that nearly two billion electronics devices (televisions, computers, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, monitors, etc.) have been … Read more