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Recycling Items Like Computers & TVs

With the way technology is out-doing themselves year after year with newer, better, bigger and improved products for computer users, you can just imagine the amount of waste that is generated when consumers upgrade along with the process. One household may have one or two computers to upgrade on a yearly basis but if you … Read more

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All About California Electronics Recycling

In this day and age, popular and pervasive buzz words are all about going green, being eco-friendly, and saving our environment. One type of item which is currently receiving a lot of press is electronics recycling in California. Because electronics equipment is made with various chemical and hazardous substances, disposing of used or outdated items … Read more

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Buying Appliances With The Energy Star Rating

We all have appliances that break down or stop working with any kind of effeciency and the question becomes, where do we turn from here? Well, I have some suggestions and these suggestions will keep in line with the idea of energy conservation and recycling. There are home products and products for the office that … Read more

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Recycling Electronics in Phoenix, Arizona

For recycling electronics, Phoenix, AZ residents are lucky enough to have a city-run program which is inexpensive and easy to use. In 2001, the City of Phoenix was awarded an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Waste Reduction Assistance Grant and began to offer a collection program for residents unwanted appliances and electronics. The awarded grant … Read more

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How To Manage A Recycling Electronics Fundraiser

If you are a member or coordinator of an association, a school, an athletic program or another not-for-profit entity, have you considered a recycling electronics fundraiser? This is a great way to accomplish two purposes: to raise money for your organization and to help save our environment by recycling used and outdated electronics equipment. So … Read more

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Starting a Recycling Electronics for Metal Business

Americans are well aware of the economic issues facing our country today and many are looking for ways to make money with their own commercial enterprise, one such increasingly popular enterprise is recycling electronics for metal business. Consumers realize there is a need to recycle electronics equipment rather than allowing them to languish in a … Read more

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How to Start Recycling Electronics for Metal

Have you ever thought about starting your own business, one which would be eco-friendly and provide a needed service, such as recycling electronics for metal? The time could never be better for doing so. Where once consumers who were adamant about recycling were thought of as tree-hugging hippies, today’s recyclers can be found in every … Read more

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Make Money Recycling Electronics

There are many benefits to preventing your used and outdated electronics equipment from ending up in landfills but one possibility you may not have considered is recycling electronics for funds. Yes, electronics recycling is good for the environment by preventing hazardous waste from leaching into the soil and groundwater and it is a great way … Read more

Recycling Electronics

Rules of Thumb for Recycling Electronics

Computers, televisions, monitors, PDAs, cell phones, gaming consoles most households own at least one or more of each of these devices and they quickly become obsolete, providing a need for recycling electronics. Electronics equipment should never be disposed of in a landfill. It contains a wide variety of chemicals and hazardous substances which can leach … Read more

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Electronic Recycling Centers in Indiana

If you are a consumer or business in Indiana, electronics recycling centers are located throughout the state. Run either by the solid waste management district in your county, through municipal collection programs, or through electronics management service providers in partnership with the state, Indiana provides options for consumers to drop off their unneeded equipment. Indiana … Read more