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Underwater Ecosystem

Exploring The Underwater Ecosystem

An ecosystem is an environment where plants and animals live together. The Earth is composed of over 70% water and so there are many underwater ecosystem examples available to study and explore. This specific environment is one that is vast, exciting and ever-changing. There are a couple of different types such as marine and freshwater … Read more

Tall Grass Prairie Ecosystem

The Prairie Ecosystem Habitats

The North American prairie ecosystem is diverse and complex. It used to be much bigger than it is now extending from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River and from Mexico to Canada. The prairie ecosystem has been damaged and reduced in the last one hundred and fifty years so that now it is only … Read more

A Beautiful Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem

Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Facts

A tropical rainforest ecosystem is becoming the most endangered type of ecosystem in the world. It can be found in places close to the equator in the countries of Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America and on many of the Pacific Islands. The ecosystem is also called a tropical wet forest or a tropical … Read more

Alaska River Ecosystem

Facts About A River Ecosystem

A river ecosystem is a very important part of the planet Earth and is the foundation for the life of many species. Water is what makes our planet habitable and provides the foundation of life. Without water no living thing could live. An ecosystem is an area in which living and non living plants, animals … Read more

Panda Ecosystem

Exploring The Panda Ecosystem

The Panda Bear is known for its cute and adorable features. They have white fur coats with black fur around their eyes and on their ears, noses, legs and shoulders. Panda Bears are peaceful creatures who spend their days eating bamboo. They have opposable thumbs that make eating bamboo easy for them. Panda Bears can … Read more

The Effect Of Population To The Ecosystem

The Effect Of Population To The Ecosystem

An ecosystem consists of plants and animals that live within a specific area. All of the plants and animals that live within an ecosystem are dependent upon each other for survival. In recent years there has been much concern over pollution that affects the ecosystems as well as the encroachment of people and neighborhoods into … Read more

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Ecosystems Of Organisms: A Wonder World Of Life

When one ponders the question of whom we are and where did we come from? There are a kettle of answers and some even stir up heated debates, but the truth comes down to that we are a network of ecosystems of organisms. What Is An Ecosystem? An ecosystem of organisms is any group of … Read more

Ecosystem in a Desert

Studying The Ecosystem In A Desert

The ecosystem in a desert is an interesting study. It is hard to imagine how anything can survive in such an arid and dry area. A desert is defined as an area that receives less than ten inches of water a year. There are desserts on every continent except Europe and Antarctica and they all … Read more

Ecosystem For Kids

How To Understand the Ecosystem For Kids

Studying and learning how to understand the ecosystem for kids is a hard thing to do. Ecosystem is a big word that can be intimidating for children. An ecosystem is short for ecological systems. Simply put an ecosystem is all the animals and other living things in a specific area. This can include plants, micro … Read more

Ecosystem Example Of A Pond

The Two Ecosystem Examples of Ponds and Forests

There are many different ecosystem examples throughout the world. An ecosystem is defined as a biological community that occurs in some locale and the physical and chemical factors that make up its non-living environment. Forests and ponds are just two ecosystem examples that where going to discuss in this article. The Ecosystem Example Of A … Read more