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Preserving the Ecology and Wildlife from the Effects of Urban Sprawl

As more people populate the earth, ecology, wildlife and issues with sprawl arise. As more land is developed into residential and business districts wildlife is pushed out of the way. Their very existence becomes threatened. For wild animals to coexist with the threat of progress, conservationists concerned with ecology and urban development will have to … Read more

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How to Become an Ecology Volunteer

When you visit a state park you may meet and mingle with an ecology volunteer. If you were to become a volunteer at a park such as Yellowstone National Park, you would have an opportunity to share your passion for nature with the people you meet. If you live near a state or national park, … Read more

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Investigating Local and International Ecology Projects

Ecology projects around the world are as diverse as the world itself. In the United States and Canada there are projects to assist with conservation in the mountains, rain forests, rivers, valleys and plateaus. In South America the ecology projects are centered in the high mountain forests of Ecuador, in the Amazon River Basin of … Read more

Earth Music Ecology

Earth Music Ecology Casual Clothes

Earth Music Ecology is a brand of casual clothing designed from natural fabrics. This high quality clothing comes from the Earth Music store located in Tokyo, Japan. The concept is part of the Earth Day or green movement. The garments are made of good quality natural materials and designed to last. The fibers are made … Read more

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A Broad Look at Earth Ecology

We might think of the earth as the center of our universe, because we live here, but in actuality we are just a tiny speck in the universe. We are but a speck in the system that holds our earth in its orbit. Out of all the solar systems with planets, our earth is the … Read more

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The Definition of Ecology

The definition of ecology is the study of organisms and their relationship to the environments in which they live, another name for ecology in bionomics. We, as human beings, are not only concerned with our interrelationships with other life forms on the earth, but fellow human beings, this study of interrelationships between human groups would … Read more

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What is Deep Ecology

Deep ecology is a relatively new way of thinking about ecology. The term deep ecology was coined by a Norwegian philosopher, by the name of Arnie Naess, in 1972. The term is called deep ecology because we as human beings have begun to question our place on the planet in reference to life in nature. … Read more

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Heal Your Body with the Body Ecology Diet

It’s a fact, we are what we eat. If we eat unhealthy foods we can become unhealthy. Eating the right way can help to heal the body. The Body Ecology Diet helps to improve your immune system. Eating the right probiotic foods will promote a healthy digestive tract. Disease starts in the gut, and if … Read more

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Bird Ecology and Conservation and Urbanization

Bird ecology and conservation is the study of threatened birds in relation to their environment. Human beings have been responsible for many bird populations being on the endangered list. Bird ecology and conservation workers are recording the significance of over-hunting and other causes of avian mortality. Since historical times when human beings started colonizing the … Read more