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Earth Music Ecology Casual Clothes

Earth Music Ecology is a brand of casual clothing designed from natural fabrics. This high quality clothing comes from the Earth Music store located in Tokyo, Japan. The concept is part of the Earth Day or green movement. The garments are made of good quality natural materials and designed to last.

The fibers are made from cellulose from plants such as cotton, bamboo and other fibrous plants that have not been treated with pesticides. Wearing Earth clothing is a good way to go green, because you are wearing clothes made from the products grown in the earth.

By purchasing Earth clothing we are helping the earth and is a sustainable line of clothing that preserves the integrity of the earth. The clothing line doesn’t harm any animals, since the clothing is not derived from animal sources. In many textile factories that are not ecofriendly chemicals are used that are harmful to the environment when released.

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All the textiles at Earth Music store are organic and sustainable. Earth Music Ecology is the brand for women, while Earth Music is the men’s brand of clothing. This recycling brand of fashion was created by a fusion of artists and designers such as Ryan McGinness, Darek, Mambo, and others. This line of sustainable clothing caters to men, women and children. The clothing is casual from jeans, tops, dresses, shorts and jackets. Earth clothing is soft, attractive, and comfortable to wear.

Earth Music Ecology clothing is manufactured without animal testing, therefore parents that are concerned about animal cruelty will have assurance that no animals were used in the manufacture and testing of the product. When one thinks about bamboo and other fibrous plants one would think of the plants being stiff. After all bamboo is a hard tough plant that is used to make flooring and furniture, however inside the fibrous bamboo plant is soft pliable fibers, which was used throughout history to make paper and now it is used to make sustainable clothing.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that grows in Japan, India, Australia, China and even in the United States. Bamboo is sometimes woven with cotton or hemp to make garments that are antibacterial, as well as resistant to the sun’s UV rays. This environmentally friendly clothing line is a product of the organic fashion industry. The company delivers high quality fashions, and meets the needs of customers concerned about the environment.

Who would buy recycled clothing? Today more people are aware of how animals are treated and they want to get away from any type of animal cruelty. They are also concerned about the chemicals that are used in manufacturing textiles. Many consumers today want a choice. They want clothing that is animal and ecofriendly. They want natural fibers next to their skin, and they want fibers that did not come from plants that were treated with pesticides. Earth Music Ecology gives you a choice.

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