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The Benefits of Computer Recycling in California

Its no surprise to anyone that along with the East coast, the West coast sets the example for the rest of the nation in all kinds of trends. In some cases, the examples aren’t so great, but when it comes to recycling and earth friendly practices, California can’t be beat. The residents of this state figured out a long time ago how important it is to protect the nations and their states natural resources. Therefore, its no shock that in California, computer recycling is almost as common as the other types of recycling. Fortunately, not only have other states followed Californias lead, but computer manufacturing companies themselves have gotten on board with helping consumers recycle their computers. Take a look at what the California computer recycling advocates have known for a long time.

Lets start with what computer recycling in California does for the environment. After all, that is what everyone is trying to protect. Computers and other electronic equipment and gadgets only make about 2% of the total waste found in landfills. However, it does equal about 70% of the toxic waste that ends up in landfills. Its pretty hard to ignore those numbers. These hazardous materials include mercury, chromium, and radioactive isotopes. As if that isn’t scary enough, lead, cadmium, and dioxins are also released in landfills. This is just one reason recycling computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment is so important.

Another reason computer recycling in California caught on so quickly is the tremendous savings in natural resources that occurs from this type of recycling. Metals have to be mined, right? Mining means destroying acres of land across the world for metals like silver, gold, and even aluminum. Since these metals are commonly used in computers, when they are recycled, those materials can be reused and offset the need for mining more metals. Even if the mining isn’t occurring in California, it is still happening somewhere. Computer recycling helps make sure that it doesn’t happen any more than necessary.

The majority of computer recycling in California comes about from individual people making a conscious effort to do the right thing for the planet. However, major and not so major companies and corporations are making attempts as well to improve the environmental situation by recycling as well. From computer manufacturers offering to recycle their computers free to big business ensuring that their old, used computers end up in the recycling centers, the effort is paying off in big ways. This is one of the trends California can be proud of starting and encouraging.

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