Organic Waste Compost

Managing Organic Waste Through Composting

Because incinerators are perilous to the environment and human health, and landfills are becoming scarce, expensive, and in the same way an environmental threat, different efforts in reducing the amount of waste are in place today. Such efforts include composting, a process by which organic waste is made into a soil resource. Organic waste, which … Read more


Composting: A Waste Management Process

Composting is a naturally occurring process that is the ultimate in recycling and is a great way to learn to respect and love the environment, and it is fun too. In today’s complicated world where everything is connected (from manufacturing to consumption to disposal), waste management takes on several disposal methods (landfills, incineration, recycling, pyrolysis, … Read more

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Composting To Reduce Landfill Sites

Throughout Europe all nations are committed to the processing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to divert as much of our organic waste as possible away from landfill. This is a high priority for the United Kingdom if we are to reach Government recycling targets which are designed to make sure we comply with needed landfill … Read more

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Composting Secrets Revealed

There is an alternative — composting. It’s a good idea whose time has come again. Now more than ever it makes sense to compost all your family’s food waste, plus paper and any other organic carbon-based waste you can. By composting your household food waste, you are not only reducing strain on already overtaxed landfills, … Read more

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Harvest Your Leaves

Don’t burn those leaves. They are nature’s golden gift of autumn. Leaves made into leaf mold make one of the best fertilizers known. It can be used for potting or setting plants, and for gardens and flower beds. As a mulch, leaves are especially valuable around acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias. Or, … Read more

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Compost Toilet Models

Not too long ago, more and more people are becoming interested in placing a compost toilet in their home. Composting toilets have many environmental and also monetary rewards: they help preserve water, they get rid of the possibility sewage or groundwater pollution, they eliminate the expenses related to the maintenance of sewers and septic systems, … Read more

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Composting For Small Spaces

For anyone who is an apartment occupant or perhaps are now living in a house with little or no yard, you could think that it is difficult to compost your household waste. It’s also possible to think that there’s small purpose to compost waste if you do not have access to a huge yard or … Read more

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Using Leaves For Compost And Mulch

Making something useful from leaves that are gathered off your lawn is simple and doesn’t need much in the way of expenses or preparation. All you’ll need is some urea and a compost bin. Both of these items are usually available at garden centers or in department stores that have gardening departments. Once most of … Read more

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Help Your Soil Become Rich With Composting

Did you know that you have a virtual goldmine within your rubbish pile? Composting is not a new technology, in the least, but it has become increasingly evident that it can be important to our environment. Once upon a time, when most people had a garden in their backyard there would also be a compost … Read more

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What Not To Include When Composting Plants

Composting plants is a wonderful way to recycle plant clippings and waste. Instead of throwing the extra clippings and pieces away, you use them to make compost that can be used to help your plants grow in the future. It cuts down on the waste element while helping you out with your own source of … Read more