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Composting Equipment: What Do You Need?

It is a great idea to start composting your household garbage and yard waste. The benefits outweigh any work that is incurred or composting equipment that may be needed. After all, you have to do something with all that waste. Only six percent of all waste is recycled or composted in America and it is a known fact that 60% of all waste could be recycled or composted. Composting equipment is not extensive and there could be many materials sitting around your home right now.

However, like just about everything, the availability of composting equipment and accessories can be extensive. A few things you could check out would be:

A compost bin You can buy a bin that is already constructed that is made of wood or plastic. However, there are building plans that can aid you in building your own bin for composting. Equipment that is needed to build one is simple.

Tumbler This also is a way to compost. The bin holds all your household and yard waste, but instead of manually turning your compost with a pitchfork, you simple have to spin the drum and then compost is turned in the internal chamber.

Books There are countless books available to aid you in the composting efforts. Composting equipment is also advertised in the books or magazines.

Turner and Aerator – This special piece of composting equipment looks like a giant corkscrew. The comfortable handle makes turning your compost easy.

Leaf Muncher Composting speed is based on size of composting ingredients. Composting equipment is created to make life easier for you. The muncher takes your leaves and rips them to make a more mulch like consistency.

Reference wheels These dual-sided cardboard reference wheels will help you decipher and trouble shoot any composting questions. Many recycling programs use these as an educational handout for potential composting candidates.

Pedian H Another composting equipment need to help speed things up. These natural compost inoculants are made from polysaccharides and other organic raw materials. It stimulates micro-organism activity within the compost.

Compost spreader A perforated metal wheel attached to a handle. You put your compost in the wheel, latch the door, and drive it around your yard or garden.

Kitchen scrap carriers, soil testers, ph meters, decorative screens, pitch forks, and compost starter mixes are also forms of composting equipment that is available to the compost consumer.

Composting is no doubt a great way to give back to your soil all the nutrients it needs and thrives on. Have fun shopping for the composting equipment.

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