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Choosing The Right Composting Bin

Choosing the right composting bin is a little like choosing the right car. You just need to think ahead. What are you going to use it for? How much space will you need to get the job done? What are you going to carry in it? With a car or truck, you need to think about model, passengers, and if you plan to regularly transport lumber. With a composting bin, your concerns are a little different.

What Kind Of Composting Bin?

You need to decide this first. What type of composting are you setting out to do? If you are going to be using food materials in your composting then you may want to invest in a bin that is resistant to rodents. You do not want them getting into your composting efforts. If you are sticking exclusively to food components then you may want to go with a worm bin. It all depends on what you plan to do so you should figure that out first.

Worm Bins

Worm bins are for people who have little or no yard space. It only uses food scraps in its composting. They can be buyd or you can make it yourself. They are meant to keep pests away from the food scraps so that your composting may continue uninterrupted and pest free. Its versatility makes it a great choice. It can be maintained indoors or outdoors.

Hoop Bins

This is one that you can make yourself. This composting bin can be fashioned out of wire or buyd as an adjustable plastic hoop to serve as the circumference of your composting bin. Composting bins such as these can be moved, but they do not offer a lot in the way of protection against animals. They are a step above having no bin at all.

What About No Bin At All?

A discussion of composting and the uses of a composting bin would not be complete without mentioning no bin at all. Everyone is familiar with the idea of a compost heap or compost pile. This method does not protect against pests, but is still a popular choice. It may attract unwanted animal guests and must be protected from the elements. Its simplicity may be ideal depending on your circumstances, but you should keep its potential drawbacks in mind before making a decision.

Choosing a composting bin just takes a little thought. Once you take a good look at your situation and your composting goals, the right bin should jump out at you. Just think about what you need your composting bin to do for you.

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